Bridge City Beat Down


Wednesday, 7 September 2011

All WOD's - some thoughts

I would like to cover a few topics that came up in the days leading up to the BEAT DOWN.  Most are small things, but things that everyone need to take into consideration none the less.

Friday evening workouts-
1. We will be completing Beast registration on Friday so everyone needs to be at the river at 6:00
2. Come early as parking is limited and we will need to be on schedule (we will not wait for anyone)
3. The workouts are going to be done back to back - even though we have a tentative heat schedule we will be very quick with the workouts as darkness hits around 8pm (there are lights) and we would like to be done as fast as possible.
4. Bear crawl - bring gloves if you want - they are not necessary, but bring them if you like.
5. HSPU's - your butt can touch the wall
6. Lunges - are done on the spot - alternating legs (not walking around)
7. Time limit is 15 min

Saturday WOD 1+2
1. Be warmed up properly - small warm-up area and lots of athletes so you will need to share bars and equipment
2. Have a starting weight and finishing weight already set
3. Be fast when transitioning from clean to row - only have 1 min
4. There is a judge at the clean adn the row so you will need to take your score card with you to the next judge after the clean
5. You need to load your own bar - be sure to grab the right bar (both men and women bars are available)
6. You need to use clamps on the bars (muscle clamps)
7. There will be no re-starts on the rowers

Satruday WOD 3
1. Heat starts with a 3,2,1 and then a whistle blow
2. The heats are back to back - we haev helpers re-setting the prowlers on the start line every heat and as soon as they are set - we go.
3. Time starts on the whistle
4. Time ends when the front ski passes the line
5. The entire prowler must pass the turn around line not just the front ski, but remember that once the front ski has passed you may simply run around the prowler (turning it around) - at some point the entire prowler needs to be past the line
6. If there is a false start the whistle will be blown twice to alert athletes to stop - athletes will re-set their own prowlers for the next start
7. 3 min time cap to finish

Saturday WOD #4
1. You must not touch any implements until the buzzer goes off (bars, rings, wall,etc)
2. You will be able to see teh clock, but may not be able to hear it - so pay attention
3. Pull-up and MU - every rep needs to begin with full extension of the arms.  Athletes can "flash" extension without a false grip then set it and go.  The non false flash is considered extension.
4. Parallettes - reveiw video from earlier (hips on the way through have been the biggest issue)
5. Wall clearing - rep counts once both feet have touched the floor
6. The score card moves with athlete through the workout as the judges stay at each station throughout the workout. 

Saturday WOD #5 
1. Athletes start lyign on their back in the street
2. Judges will be at the hurdles to indicate the path through and fix any if they are knocked down
3. If one does not finish int eh 15 min time cap the last rep completed is scored
4. all C2B pull-ups must contact chest/strernum
5. Ring rows are strict - no kipping at all
6. Burpees - touch chest to ground, clap above the head on a jump and they must be done on the blue mats provided.

Saturday BEAT DOWN Items #1

1. First off I will start on a serious note - I would like to discuss acts of disrespect towards judges, staff, spectators, and athletes.  We need to understand that without judges and volunteer staff this event can not happen - they are an integral part of the entire day.  They are volunteering their time (up to 25 hours each) in prepping, planning, and judging - these people are putting a lot of time in to the day to ensure that all athletes enjoy themselves.  Any disrespect towards judges and staff will be met with zero tolerance - meaning head judges (Chad and Courtney) will be notified and athletes will be asked to leave the premises.  This may sound a bit mean, but I feel treating others with disrespect is as well - so stiff penalties will be given.  Again this is zero tolerance - I truly do not think we will need to act on this, but you as an athlete need to understand our stance on this topic.

2. Any concerns or problems will be dealt with by the head judges (Chad and Courtney) - depending on the severity of the concern it will be dealt with immediately or at a later time based on the schedule of the day.  Judges, spectators, volunteers will not be expected to deal with any problems - everything must be brought to the head judges.  This might include disputes on times, scores, schedule, etc.

3. We will also be setting up a competition pull-up station outside near the food (west bridgeford meats) between 12:00 and 2:30pm fora ll spectators to compete in a strict pull-up challenge.  The top male and female pull-up numbers will go home with a sweet prize.  This will be announced throughout the day.

EMT and medical plan

Just so that everyone is aware - we will have EMT's on duty throughout the challenge on Friday and Saturday.  A medical plan has been created and the EMT's will have their rover kits available and will be ready to respond to any situations that may occur. 

Judges Score Cards

I will be covering a lot of things on the blog in the next day as I want to keep people as up to date as possible on all things BEAT DOWN because with the numbers as high as they are we have a very busy day on Saturday.  Remember at 122 athletes, 32 judges, and probably 200 plus spectators this house will be packed and ready to rock - it is going to be loud, hot, sweaty, and probably pretty smelly (another reason to set-up tents outside) we will need to be very efficient with time.  Given that heats are very close together athletes will need to be as up to date as possible on the workouts as there will be little time for questions before heats.

The score cards are in one master binder which will be held by the heat organizers (Dale and Lori Johnstone) and they will be handed to the athletes just before the heat is about to begin.  Athlete names, heats, and division are already marked on the cards - the card will be handed to the judge who will write their name on it and will use it for marking athletes time/score on.  Once the score is written on the card the judge will confirm the numbers with the athlete and the athlete will "sign off" on the card.  The judge will give the card back to the athletes and they will then hand the card in to the office for scoring purposes.

There are a few workouts where the card needs to be handed to a few different judges (example WOD 1+2 - give the card to the clean and jerk judge then collect card and give to the rowing judge, who will return it to athlete for hand in).

Athletes are responsible for their own cards once the wod is complete - so do not lose it, forget to hand it in, or get it super wet.

Scoring System

We are using the same scoring system as the games did this year.
1st place - 100 points
2nd place - 95 points
3rd place - 90 points
- The points go down by 5 between first and sixth place after which they drop by 2 points
6th place - 75 points
7th place - 73 points
8th place - 71 points
- Once we get to 30th place the points then only drop by one
30th place - 27 points
31st place - 26 points
32nd place - 25 points

Again for interest (we have had a few last minute drop outs and changes) here are the division final numbers;
Female Brutes - 51
Male Brutes - 22
Female Beasts - 15
Male Beasts - 34
Total - 122 :)

Tent Area

This is for all individuals but more so for affiliates coming down (which we have 12 total). 

We will be providing an area just outside the facility to set-up tents for spectators and/or competitors.  Synergy S&C will be setting up 2 - 10'x10' tents for athletes and we will be making the front smaller section of our facility available as an athlete area (same as last year), but with the number of athletes attending (122)  it is not going to be large enough.  Any extra room is going to be a precious commodity with the amount of athletes and potential spectators. 

So, if anyone in your group has a pop up tent, please bring it with you (and chairs as it is a gravel surface).  The weather is supposed to be great with a high of 29 degrees so a shady area will be appreciated. 

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

UPDATED - BCBD Program and Heat Schedules

UPDATED VERSION HAS BEEN CHANGED SLIGHTLY - we had a couple of errors on the heat times in the last one so please take a look at this one and ensure;
1. You are on it - for all workouts
2. You know when your heats are
3. There are no scheduling issues or errors

This will be available for pick-up for all athletes and spectators on the day of the event - this is a basic overview for the days schedule.  it is available to view HERE

The heat schedule for all athletes is available HERE take a good look at it if you are an athlete so you know when you are competing.  This should help your eating schedule and warm-up plans for the day.

Saturday WOD #5 - zigzag, thruster, pull-up

Saturday WOD #4 - 1min on 1 min off

Saturday WOD #3 - Prowler push

Saturday WOD #1 - Clean and jerk + row

Reminder - There will be 1/2# plates available per rack not 1# plates.
Reminder - You may press, push press, push jerk, or jerk the load overhead

Map to River Landing - Friday Beasts and Spectators

View Larger Map

Reminder - all competitor and spectators the workouts begin at River landing at 6:30pm on Friday evening.  We will need all athletes to be present at 6:00pm for registration and the workout overview.  Parking is a bit tough so show up early - there is an imperial parking lot across the street (cost a bit of cash - bring change).  

We will be set-up just south west of the round about on the south end of the Victoria Bridge (which is closed) -  the map above's address is Persephone theater which is a stones through away from where we will be set-up.  Also check out a better picture HERE.

"B" on the map is  we will be located and set-up.

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Good Luck and WOD questions?

Guaranteed there will be multiple questions by many - please post them in the "comments" section of each of the workout blog posts and I will respond as quickly as possible. 

Good luck to all those that plan on completing these workouts this week to "test" them - bring your best performances.

I wish you all a healthy competition prep week - I am very excited to see you all soon.

WOD #5 - Zig zag run, Thrusters, and Pull-ups

Probably the most exciting workout to watch - this is the final workout of the day.  We are hoping (as long as scoring and tabulating scores goes correctly and efficiently - which it will) to have the workout heats posted in order of current placing of athletes in each division (bottom to top).

Zig zag run through 20 total hurdles set-up on the street
15 Thrusters (Brutes - 55/75# and Beasts 65/95#)
15 Ring rows/Chest to bar Pull-ups (Brutes - ring rows and Beasts - C2B pull-ups)
Zig zag run
12 Thrusters
12 Ring rows/Chest to bar Pull-ups
Zig zag run
9 Thrusters
9 Ring rows/Chest to bar Pull-ups
Zig zag run
Burpees to stop the clock (Brutes - 10 reps an Beasts 15 reps)
For Time.

    - The zig zag run will begin with all athletes lying on their backs outside the gym once the whistle blows all athletes will have a 50'ish' meter run to get to the first set of hurdles (15 foot long road blockage signs).  Once at the first (10) set of hurdles athletes will not jump over, but run around in zig zag fashion, after the first set of 10 there will be a 50m clearing before the next set of 10 hurdles which need to be zig zag through the same as the first set.  At the end of the hurdles athletes will then sprint back to the start line where the barbells will be set-up for thrusters, once thrusters are completed athletes will then run inside the gym for pull-ups and ring rows.  Once completed all the runs and reps all athletes will end back at the start line for the final burpees to stop the clock. (deeper explanation in video format to come).

     - This workout has a 15 min time cap - those that do not finish will be scored on total reps completed and distance ran. 

     - A word on ring rows - given the fact that all athletes in the Brutes division will not be able to complete pull-ups, it was decided to make this workout contain ring rows (rings set at a given height and tape on the floor for foot position) as pull-ups were already completed in WOD #4.  Those that are strong at pull-ups will simply race through the ring rows quicker than those without pull-ups - so please do not think of this as a substitute for pull-ups but as a completely different skill that will be tested.  The ring rows will be completed strict (tight plank body).

Saturday WOD #4 - 1 min on 1 min off

This is a interval based 9 min WOD, so far we have had a strength feat (clean + jerk complex), and two anaerobic tests (row and prowlers).  This WOD takes us longer in time domain and into much more skill based movements.  There is no scaling in this workout at all - those that can compete the "skilled" movements will simply be rewarded with extra points to their total score, which is fair as it favors skill and performance, but does not drastically affect the workout design.

1 min power snatch (Brutes 55/75# and Beasts 65/95#)
1 min rest
1 min ring pull-ups / ring muscle-ups (All Brutes - ring pull-ups and all Beasts - muscle-ups)
1 min rest
1 min fat bar deadlifts (Brutes 125/185# and Beasts 175/245#)
1 min rest
1 min parallette jump through (explained below)
1 min rest
1 min wall clearing (All Brutes and Beast women - 5'3" wall and Beast men 6'3" wall)
For total reps

Athletes will move through the workout in the order written above.  Weights and skills are set (no scaling)- think of this as a skill/strength based workout that is designed to favor those athletes with a broader base of fitness (rewarded with more potential reps).  I fully understand that some athletes will not be able to complete portions of the workout (pull-ups, and muscle-ups), but this is acceptable as increased rest will be given, which will allow for slightly higher output on all other movements.  After testing this workout on a few athletes - it is very possible for one athlete to compete reps at all stations, but still score lower than an athlete who does not attempt each station given the movements and time domains.

The exact standards on all movements will be given tomorrow in video format, as writing them out will take too much time and not be as clear.

Saturday WOD #3 - Prowler Push

My favorite workout for sure - prowler push.
A. Prowler push for time
     - Beast men - 200m with one 10# plate added to each post on the prowler (20# total)
     - Beast women - 200m empty (no additional weight)
     - Brute men - 200m empty (no additional weight)
     - Brute women - 150m empty (no additional weight)

This is goign to be fast and greasy - there will be 4 prowlers lined up it the back alley like a true race and athletes will be running them half the distance out (75/100m), turning them around and returning back to the start line for one effort of best time.  The load is not heavy, but very light, which means you will be able to move quickly, this will be a true test.

Saturday WOD #1+2 - Clean and Jerk Complex + Row

This workout is scored as two separate workouts although they are completed as one.

A. In 5 min find a max effort - Deadlift + Hang clean + jerk (1+1+1) - rest 60sec
     - clean grip deadlift to hips (full extension), then lower the load for a hang clean (full or power) without having it drop below the knees.  Once racked you will need to jerk (shoulders to overhead anyhow) the load overhead and recover to a full extensions position.  The bar must never touch the floor once initially lifted, there is not time limit on completion of the three lifts and you must jerk the load from the front rack position.  This is completed as a complex - one attempt of each lift (1+1+1)
     - Scored by max weight completed.  Athletes will have available 2 x 45, 35, 25, 10, 5, 2.5, 1# plates per platform. 
B. Row 90sec for distance
     - Once the 5 min time limit is over, all athletes will have a 60 sec break to strap into a rowing machine for a max effort 90sec row (distance). 
     - The rowing machine will be set for 90 seconds and the judging staff will instruct athletes when to begin the row.  It will be scored by total distance covered.

This workout is the same for Beats and Brutes.

Friday, 2 September 2011

Massage therapist on duty Saturday 10am-5pm

Athletes will have access to a massage therapists between the hours of 10am and 5pm on Saturday.  The massage therapists will be taking all appointments (5-15 min) throughout the day and they will set-up shop in our "athlete only section" of the facility.  First come first serve.

This of course will be FREE for all athletes.